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We are unifying creation ministries to teach Jesus as Creator and Savior
to every man, woman, and child, in every way possible,
so that through our witness, many will be saved.


MOSES, PAUL, JESUS...   They all referred to the Genesis account of creation.  We follow this pattern to lay the foundation that the Gospel stands on:  The creation testifies of the Creator.  Nature reflects God's mind and speaks of his greatness.  All things created by Him are also accountable to Him.  It's all His.


What is it that makes information come alive for you?  Is it reading, video, hands-on experience?  Some are brought to their knees at the edge of the ocean, or the mouth of a volcano.  Others are touched by the words of a teacher, or a well-written book.  Whatever your style, The Creation Network has something that will amaze you.


Our goal is two-fold.  Strengthening the faith of believers through natural and scientific discovery, and showing the lost that Christ made them, He loves them, and He took on their sin and defeated death for them.  Our hope is that through this, we will build an unstoppable force to influence our culture for God's glory.


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  • Awesome…  first advertisement that made my day in a long time :-) :-) :-).  Thanks for putting this site together!  Bookmarked already!

  • I love your ministry!  I didn't realize the incredible extent of your networking, resources, vast creation knowledge, and information!!  I'm so grateful to the Lord for the coordinated efforts of so many creation ministries!

    Anna Myers
    Anna Myers
    Coordinator - Latinos For Life
  • Well, how about that! I have lived in Arizona for over six years and did not know about CESM in Gilbert AZ.  Found it in seconds with your link!  Thank you and praise Jesus for all you do!

  • Through my work, I have come to see the extreme necessity of carefully selective networking.  What a great idea!  I can see that homeschoolers would definitely be into the [Big Map of Creation].

    Skeet Savage
    Skeet Savage
    CEO - Wisdom's Gate Ministries
  • Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum

    When I was home for a visit! We really enjoyed the museum!

    Kimberly K.
    Kimberly K.
  • Creation Museum Germany

    This museum teaches the truth about God and His creation, I am grateful to have this resource in Germany- we need more all across Europe!

    Kristopher T.
    Kristopher T.
  • Question It Bookstore

    Great little shop! Lots of really interesting reads and DVD's.  If you have questions, it is the place to go!

    Tracey O.
    Tracey O.
    South Africa
  • Living Waters Bible Camp

    This is a GREAT camp and much, much more than just a nice outdoor experience.  They have a great 6-day creation museum and do an excellent job at spiritually mentoring the campers in a way that goes far beyond most camps.  This is a great destination for the whole family!

    Jay S.
    Jay S.
  • Saltwater Studies

    Thank you for a great time today! We came home wet, smelly and full of mangrove knowledge.  See you Wednesday!

    Michelle S.
    Michelle S.
  • Creation Encounter

    Thank you for the trips and work you guys do!  Emma went to church this morning with quartzite and petrified wood in hand ready to "preach" and share with anyone who would give her a few moments.  I am SO thankful to have a source that WANTS to go out with the kids and show them all the wonders of our area and point them towards our Creator and strengthen their faith in His Word.

    Tamara S.
    Tamara B.


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